Zapote House / EURK Buildesign

Zapote House / EURK Buildesign
  • Architects: EURK buildesign
  • Area : 615 m²
  • Year : 2018
  • Photographs :Tamara Uribe
  • Manufacturers :  Beta estudio y CarpintecGrupo ArcaHoogaPunto 3 Arquitectura
  • Lead Architects : Roberto Díaz Braga
  • Text description provided by the architects. We began the project with a diagnosis of the context where the area to be intervened is located within what we call “Urban Islands”, which in fact are increasingly scarce, even though they contain the characteristics that the city and the inhabitants need for their development and comfort, both in private and public spaces.

  • "Cities within houses, not houses within cities." Inside urban islands, the temperature is lower, the impact of the sun's rays is controlled by natural filters and contact with nature in our daily life as a basic need. The project is addressed to the adaptation and integration of the urban context using its vegetal palette as a tool and not as a site obstacle.

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