Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd by Mooool


Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: The project is located in the core geographic area of ​​Haikou, rich in natural resources and tourism resources. Because of the unique island culture, this city shows its unique vitality and artistic style. A public art space that belongs to Haikou was created, so that it is more than a morphological display, to form a perceptible field.

The earth-covered buildings are deeply integrated with the landscape. We try to restore a lake, a wetland, and a forest, so that people can create a green environment full of vitality and Hainan characteristics while embodying the aesthetic feelings of the art gallery garden.

The white wall and the road form a canyon space, and the exit is once again covered by dense forest. The shade of the trees is lost, a bird flies in the middle, and when the forest is deep and foggy, a smart elk suddenly appears, adding a sense of hierarchy and natural beauty to the space.

People always have imagination and longing for the end of the world and the ultimate secret. The viewer is in the forest, and the path of action is drawn step by step by space, visiting this miniature fairy tale rainforest.

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