Unusual Structures and Weird Buildings on Earth


Unusual Structures and Weird Buildings on Earth

One can’t deny the fact that this world is full of masterpieces and non-traditional architectures. There are several unique things on this planet, including weird and unusual restaurants of the world, strange and unique temples, and unusual museums around the globe. Many architects have created countless man-made structures and large buildings that not only amaze visitors but also have gone beyond the boundaries of nature. There are numerous incredible buildings in the world that are known for their far-out shapes, awe-inspiring designs, and unique styles. We have compiled some of the most remarkable structures in the world you love to visit. 

Basket Building, USA

Built in shape of a giant basket, Basket Building is a beautiful structure and a visual treat for those seeking to admire unique things of the world. Situated in Ohio, USA, it is among some of the weird structures of the world housing the headquarters of Longaberger Basket Company. The unique building is an exact imitation of a normal shopping basket and 160 times larger than a Longaberger’s medium basket. Due to its exclusive shape, it turned into one of most prime tourist attraction points of the city. With a wonderful design preserving all the details, this unique building has two attached handles.

Earth House, Switzerland

Resembling to real life Hobbit holes, Earth House is an architectural marvel styled through the natural terrains for forming the walls of a house. These are really homes erected into hillsides, with banked earth situated on the top of the basic structures. People live in this residence from many years. It is among the most unusual houses of the world.

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